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Laminate and melamine are typical surface surfaces for many counter tops, cabinets, and racks, but these plastic materials are known for being prone to wearnot to point out becoming rapidly obsoleted. They tend to get scratched and nicked with regular usage, and lots of countertops have a burn mark or two. And unlike uniform solid-surface materials, such as Corian or butcher-block woodboth of which can be successfully sanded down smooth and reminded like-new conditionlaminate and melamine are composed of multiple layers that need to not be sanded through.




Unlike wood, laminate and melamine can not be sanded down to a natural grainbecause they have no natural grain. With wood, exposing the grain is vital for the paint to adhere to. Laminate and melamine are designed to drive away kitchen spills, like food, oil, and water, so they naturally repel paint, likewise.


Improperly used paint will peel off of laminate and melamine, creating a bigger mess than you began with. The key is to degloss and roughen the plastic surface of laminate and melamine, and to use the best paint or finish items. Some paints require obtain a primer coat prior to applying the paint; others can be used without guide.






These packages are created for the rigors of counter tops by laying down a thick topcoat that is safely stuck to a bonding primer coat. These systems are markedly different from paint-only procedures because they include a layer of solid ornamental chips. The chips are given from a hand-cranked spreader, just like an outdoor spreader that you utilize to disperse yard seed.


One advantage of this thick layer is that it effectively conceals all scratches. Additionally, you can use a urethane-reinforced acrylic paint, such as INSL-X Cabinet Coat. While more pricey than the regular acrylic-latex paints you would utilize on drywall, the urethane-reinforced products have better hiding abilities and will stick much better to problem surfaces.

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A third alternative is to apply a 100 percent acrylic, flash-bond primer, such as XIM (Rust-Oleum), Bullseye 1-2-3 (Zinnser), or Fresh Start (Benjamin Moore), followed by two coats of satin or semi-gloss enamel paint and two coats of clear acrylic sealer (Cabinet Painting Contractors Charlotte).


A blessed Easter it was, we spent some time with my household, ate excessive, and got back pleased and material. I trust you had some great times with your household too this weekend. Several of you asked me about painting these white laminate cabinets, so I believed I 'd do a little post on that - Cabinet Painting Contractors 28277.


I believe the bases are most likely wood, however the doors are certainly laminate (that plasticy material). And the great news is, you can paint it! I painted this 3 years back and it still looks fantastic. I found this little information by Googling Laminate primers: The Zinsser business makes two guides that it suggests for use over laminate: Bulls Eye 1-2-3, an acrylic formula in a water base, and B-I-N, a pigmented shellac formula with an alcohol base.


( You'll require to use ammonia or denatured alcohol.) The reason for his recommendation: Once the alcohol vaporizes from the primer, usually in 45 minutes, the shellac surface is completely treated - Cabinet Painting Contractors 28215. Not just can you can continue right away to place on the finish paint, but you considerably accelerate the time when your cooking area can go back to being totally functional.


This will save you a great deal of headaches. Mine have actually held up well, considering that this restroom is not utilized all the time, it's a guest bath. I primed first, then did 2 coats of Satin Ralph Lauren paint called Turret Stair (you can get Ralph Lauren paints in your home Depot).


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I utilized a little foam roller and a 1 or 2" brush to get into the crevices. It goes on pretty efficiently with the roller (Cabinet Painting Contractors 28269). You can see I just painted to the edge of the lip inside the cabinets and the same with the drawers and kept the withins white.


I had a bit of a difficult time getting the doors back on effectively, so I think you could simply as easily leave them on. You'll simply need to stand on your head to get beneath the bottom of the door. Let every coat dry one day in between and you ought to have a great looking coat of paint on your laminate cabinets.


Correct prep is the crucial! I do have laminate doors in my kitchen area too and may wind up painting them one day if they end up getting batter. Laminate is bad about getting nicks around the edges of the doors, so I think painting them would seal them up and make them last longer.

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